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Willow Weed

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Willow Farm, our home, is more than a cannabis farm. We practice responsible, regenerative farming methods, providing the conscious connoisseur with safe, lab-tested premium flowers for healthy, healing, inspirational use.

Ontario's 1st outdoor micro-cultivator and within the handful that are purpose driven and grow sustainably.


Meet the Willow Family


Willow Weed is a family business backed by five generations of farming experience and decades of working with cannabis. Our outdoor micro-cultivation site is located at Willow Pond Farm in Ontario. Tremendous attention and care are given to the plants starting with organic living soil and glacier water, and finishing with hand-trimming, hang-drying, and slow curing.

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What We Offer

Beyond Organic


Glacial Water

Our process is 100% beyond organic. Our living soil is a mixture of peat loam, aged manure, topsoil, maple leaf compost, and several other microbes. There are absolutely no synthetic additives to our soil. We do not use any pesticides or chemicals to grow our cannabis and foster an environment that gives back to the ecosystem. We grow outdoors where the natural sun and rain contribute to better terpenes, distinct flavonoids, and a natural tasting product. Our company has a negative carbon footprint and we are proud to be supporting the environment which supports us!

Willow Weed’s micro-cultivation license regulates our canopy to 200 square meters. Willow Weed grows on a small-scale because our mission is to produce the best possible bud. Daily inspection, defoliation, pruning, trellising, soil monitoring, and adaptation are only possible on a micro-scale. Drying and curing are also improved by our small-scale operation. Willow Weed is able to hang dry for 14 days, hand trim, and cure for at least two months in airtight containers with daily air exchange. As a small family business, we are dedicated to customer experience, diverse products, our community, and offering a business you can feel good about. 

Our cannabis crop is watered directly from the Oak Ridges Moraine, which borders Willow Farms. The pure spring water from the moraine was formed 12,000 years ago by advancing and retreating glaciers. The water has developed into a deposit of rich minerals and vitamins. Our water is not supplemented with any synthetic chemicals or nutrients. The living ecosystem in our pond, specifically the fish and birdlife, provide an abundance of organic matter for the cannabis. This is one of the reasons why our cannabis is some of the highest terpene strains on the market. 

Just one gram of cannabis grown indoors produces 1.5kg of CO2 emissions. Outdoor organic production (Willow Weed's mandate) has a negative carbon footprint.  

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