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Willow Weed

The Spiro family has deep roots in farming. Historically, our ancestors have turned to the soil to make their living, and David and Jacob are 4th and 5th generation farmers, respectively. In the old country (Hungary) we were often at the whims of the economic swings and market volatility. During the Great Depression, a Spiro was forced to dump their entire wagon of potatoes after being turned down by his distributor. Almost 100 years later, we are still farmers but have shifted our focus to a unique and distinct product: cannabis.  

Unlike traditional farming, cannabis plants require daily attention and care. Our family coddles these plants right up to maturity when we harvest by hand, hang dry, and cure. No corner is cut and quality is never sacrificed. 




Jacob Saffer-Spiro, at the age of 20 years old, is the youngest Health Canada licensed producer in Canada. Jacob entered the cannabis space as an entrepreneur who wanted to make a change. "The legal market presents an opportunity to take a substance renowned for peace, medicine, and R&R and bring it back to its roots. I understand that for many the legal market is devoid of cannabis culture and furnished with cannabis corporations. I hope that consumers will be able to see that Willow Weed is at the intersection of merging the convenience, trust, and credibility that the legal market offers with the cannabis culture of the legacy market." Jacob grew up on Willow Pond Farms and hopes to bring life back into the soil.

Jacob is also studying business at Ivey University, working with a portfolio of cannabis startups, and the leader of a philanthropic initiative. 

As Willow Weed COO and Co-Founder, David is a logistical coordinator and sober second-thinker. He brings over forty years of experience in management, investing, agriculture and strategy. David and Rachel bought Willow Pond Farms as a homestead to raise their family outside of the city. They moved from the Annex, Toronto in 1998 and have built the farm into what it is today. A non-conformist and free-spirit, a shot at becoming the first outdoor micro cannabis farm in Ontario piqued David's interest. David's faith and passion convinced him to pursue the legal market and followed his son on an 8-month odyssey, battling Health Canada's bureaucracy. 

David is semi-retired and enjoys gardening, pottery, and reading. 




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Willow Pond Farm

Since 1998

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